About the Festival

A classical drape, endlessly evolving, ravenously reinterpreted, feted in fashion circles, and yet, very much also a part of our everyday lives, the Saree is the life breath of India. The Saree Festival celebrates the richness of the traditional drape of India, and its all-pervasiveness in our cultural milieu, and is India’s first and unique celebration of the Saree.


The two components of the festival are Saree Mela, and exhibition and sale of diverse pan-Indian Saree styles; and Saree ka Gunijan Khana featuring multi-disciplinary programming (talks, presentations, performances and workshops) celebrating the Saree.


The Saree Festival is the first of its kind, all-pervasive love affair with the drape, in bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, and vocabularies, that bloom under the never ending swirl of the Saree. The festival presents diverse signature collections from traditional woven Sarees to unusual experiments in fashion and print vocabularies of the Saree.  


The Saree Festival has been running annually in Delhi since 2014, Mumbai since 2015, and Chennai and Bangalore since 2016.